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Shobha Gurtu The Best of Shobha Gurtu (1992)
Shobha Gurtu is one of the few leading artistes dedicated to the art of thumri style of singing. She is a highly popular vocalist and has a large fan following in India and abroad.\nShobha Gurtu was born in 1925 at Belgaum in Karnataka. Her mother Menaka Bai Shirodhar was a vocalist who followed the tradition of the Jaipur-Atrauli gayaki of Alladiya Khan. Shobha Gurtu began her training in classical music under her mother Menaka Bai Shirodhar. Later on she learnt classical music from Nathan Khan and light classical from Ghamman Khan.\nShobha Gurtu is blessed with a rich and husky voice, which her listeners adore. She renders her thumris in an enchanting way. Shobha Gurtu's compositions range from the Shringar rasa filled themes of Radha-Krishna to the philosophical renderings of Kabir and his daughter Kamali's sufiana poems. She delineates her dadras, chaitis, savanis, horis and mahias based on a variety of ragas and sings them with feeling.\nShobha Gurtu often described as the queen of thumri has greatly contributed to the genre. For her artistic achievements, she was honoured with the Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1989.Among the other awards and honours she has received the Hafiz Ali Khan Award, the Lata Mangeshkar Puraskar, the Shahu Maharaj Puraskar and the Goa Academy Award. In these fast changing times, her popularity is undiminished.\nIn this album Shobha Gurtu presents a collection of soulful Thumri, Kajri, Chaiti and Hori.\n\nAccompanists\nPurushottam Walawalkar: Harmonium\nAneesh Pradhan: Tabla Indru Aatma: Swar Mandal\nRecorded by Avinash Oak\nCompiled and remastered by G. Saraswati\nRemastered at Moksha Audio Video Productions.
This classical cd contains 4 tracks and runs 62min 24sec.
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  1. Shobha Gurtu - Sawan Ki Ritu - Kajri (18:56)
  2. Shobha Gurtu - Chaitra Chunari - Chaiti (12:17)
  3. Shobha Gurtu - Chhodo Gagaria -Thumri (14:09)
  4. Shobha Gurtu - Aaj Biraj Mein - Hori (16:59)

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