Vaughan WIlliams, Ralph: JOB: A Masque For Dancing CD Track Listing

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Vaughan WIlliams, Ralph JOB: A Masque For Dancing
This classical cd contains 4 tracks and runs 48min 23sec.
Freedb: 330b5504


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  1. Vaughan WIlliams, Ralph - SCENE I (10:41)
    Introducton\nPastoral Dance\nSatan's Appeal to God\nSaraband of the Sons of God
  2. Vaughan WIlliams, Ralph - SCENE II (03:33)
    Satan's Dance of Triumph
  3. Vaughan WIlliams, Ralph - SCENES III - V (14:31)
    Minuet of the Son's of Job and their Wives\nJob's Dream-Dance of Plague, Pestilence,\nFamine and Battle\nDance of the Three Messengers\n
  4. Vaughan WIlliams, Ralph - SCENES VI - IX (19:35)
    Dance of Job's Comforters-Job's Curse\nA Vision of Satan-Elihu's Dance of Youth and Beauty\nPavane of the Sons of the Morning\nGalliard of the Sons of the Morning - Altar Dance and Heavenly Pavane\nEpilogue

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