Harrison Birtwistle: Music for Wind and Percussion CD Track Listing

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Harrison Birtwistle Music for Wind and Percussion (1992)
Etcetera, music for wind and percussion by Harrison Birtwistle
This classical cd contains 3 tracks and runs 52min 17sec.
Freedb: 200c3f03


: Music



  1. Harrison Birtwistle - Verses for Ensembles (1968-69) for woodwind quintet, brass quintet, and three percussionists (23:27)
  2. Harrison Birtwistle - Refrains and Choruses (1957) for woodwind quintet (08:26)
  3. Harrison Birtwistle - For O, For O, The Hobby-Horse is Forgot (1976) ceremony for six percussionists (20:21)

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