David Munrow: The Art of David Munrow CD1 'The Ammorous Flute CD Track Listing

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David Munrow The Art of David Munrow CD1 'The Ammorous Flute (1992)
David Munrow on Recorder and Flageolett, \nOliver Brookes on Bass Viol and Cello,\nRobert Spencer on Theorbo and Guitar, and\nChristopher Hogwood on Harpsichord.
This classical cd contains 9 tracks and runs 44min 18sec.
Freedb: 700a6009


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  1. David Munrow - Faronells Ground (anon.) (03:53)
  2. David Munrow - Sarabande, Gavotte and Meneut en rondeau arr. From Suite No.5 for harpsichord (Dieupart) (05:29)
  3. David Munrow - Six Tunes for the Instruction of Singing-Birds form 'The bird Fancyer's Delight' (04:19)
  4. David Munrow - Sonata in D minor (Purcell) (05:52)
  5. David Munrow - Ground after the Scottish Humour (Matteis) (02:22)
  6. David Munrow - Sonata in G Major (Parcham) (06:34)
  7. David Munrow - Sonata in F Major, op.1 no.11 (Handel) (08:10)
  8. David Munrow - Four Unaccompained Preludes from 'Selected Preludes and Vollentarys' (04:33)
  9. David Munrow - Sonata in G major (anon.) (03:00)

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