Laura Risk: 2000 Miles CD Track Listing

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Laura Risk 2000 Miles (2004)
This classical cd contains 14 tracks and runs 54min 21sec.
Freedb: b70cb90e


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  1. Laura Risk - North Highland Reel #18, North Highland Reel # 21, The Nine Pint Coggie, Sandy King (03:47)
  2. Laura Risk - Fairly Shot of Her, The Lost Hat, Fairly Shot of Her, Snug in a Blanket (04:18)
  3. Laura Risk - 'Smairg a chiurradh spiocaire (The Miser), Miss Gordon of Glastirum's Reel (02:15)
  4. Laura Risk - Mr. Abel Banks (02:43)
  5. Laura Risk - The Bonnie House of Airly (03:32)
  6. Laura Risk - Dubh an Tomaidh (The Dark Night of Tomie) (02:53)
  7. Laura Risk - Tha buaidh air an uisge-bheath (The Efficacy of Whisky) (03:28)
  8. Laura Risk - Master Francis Sitwell, Lady Ann Wharton Dutt's Strathspey, The Big Meeting (06:03)
  9. Laura Risk - Skye Air, Another St. Kilda Song and Dance, Am Botal dubh 's an t-slige chreachann (The Dram Shell) (03:25)
  10. Laura Risk - Mo Chuachag Laghach (My Kindly Sweetheart), The Glen Where the Deer Is, Feadan glan a Phiobair (The Pipe Slang) (04:11)
  11. Laura Risk - Duncan Lamont (03:51)
  12. Laura Risk - Tha Tairm ann sa Ghleann (The Sound of War from the Glen) (05:00)
  13. Laura Risk - Mr. Martin's Compliments to Dr. Keith MacDonald, Mrs. Gordon of Knockespoch (03:08)
  14. Laura Risk - Tha m'aigne fo ghruaim (This Gloom on my Soul) (05:36)

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