George Gershwin: Gershwin on Screen I: "Girl Crazy" & "Rhapsody In Blue" CD Track Listing

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George Gershwin Gershwin on Screen I: "Girl Crazy" & "Rhapsody In Blue"
All music written by George Gershwin; all lyrics by\nIra Gershwin, except noted\nMusic from the film Girl Crazy (RXO, 1932): tracks 1-7\nMusic from the film Rhapsody In Blue (Warner Bros, 1943):\ntracks 8-13
This classical cd contains 13 tracks and runs 60min 1sec.
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  1. George Gershwin - You've Got What Gets Me (03:14)
    Recorded in 1932\nEddie Quillan, Dixie Lee, Mitzi Green and the RXO Studio\nOrchestra
  2. George Gershwin - Fascinating Rythm (05:27)
    Recorded 1/12/1943\nTommy Dorsey & his Orchestra, piano solo by Mickey\nRooney
  3. George Gershwin - Embraceable You (04:57)
    Recorded 4/15/1943\nJudy Garland, Ralph Blane, Henry Kruze, Tommy Dorsey &\nhis Orchestra
  4. George Gershwin - Boy! What Love Has Done To Me (Extended Version) (03:24)
    Recorded 12/23/1942\nTommy Dorsey & his Orchestra
  5. George Gershwin - Treat Me Rough (Extended Version) (06:34)
    Recorded 12/26/1942 and 1/4/1943\nJune Allyson, Mickey Rooney, The Music Maids, Tommy\nDorsey & his Orchestra
  6. George Gershwin - I Got Rythm (08:05)
    Recorded 12/29/1942, 1/2/1943 and 2/2/1943\nJudy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Tommy Dorsey & his\nOrchestra, Six Hits and a Miss, The Music Maids,\nHal Hopper, Trudy Erwin, Bobbie Canvin
  7. George Gershwin - Could You Use Me? (03:03)
    Recorded 4/11/1943 in Los Angeles\nJudy garland and Mickey Rooney
  8. George Gershwin - Ouverture (10:14)
    Recorded in june 1944 in Los Angeles\nMedley: Swanee, Somebody loves Me, Fascinating Rythm,\nEmbraceable You, Oh Lady, Be Good, The man I love,\nI Got Rythm, Liza, Rhapsody in Blue, Strike up the Band\nWarner Bros. Studio Orchestra
  9. George Gershwin - Swanee (01:49)
    Recorded between june and august 1943\nAl Jolson\nlyrics by Irving Caesar
  10. George Gershwin - 135th Street Blues (Blue Monday) (06:05)
    Recorded between june and august 1943\nJohn B. Hughes and The Warner Bros. Studio Chorus\nlyrics by B.G. 'Buddy' DeSylva
  11. George Gershwin - Summertime (Extended Version) (03:54)
    Recorded between june and august 1943\nAnne Brown\nlyrics by DuBose Heyward
  12. George Gershwin - Delishious (Extended Version) (02:10)
    Recorded between june and august 1943\nSally Sweetland for Joan Leslie
  13. George Gershwin - Third Prelude (Outtake) (00:57)
    Recorded in 1943\nOscar Levant

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