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lin hai & friends pipa images (2001)
Wind Records
This classical cd contains 12 tracks and runs 55min 50sec.
Freedb: a40d140c


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  1. lin hai & friends - Memories of the Sky (05:11)
    The legends were gone with the wind.\nNo one had remembered.\nNo reflections, no trace\nExecpt the memories of the sky...
  2. lin hai & friends - Searching (05:33)
    Caught in the echos,\nI am searching for where you are.\nAre you behind the green hills,\nThe moving mists\nOr the clouds?
  3. lin hai & friends - Night of Autumn Moon (04:00)
    Though far apart,\nWe have never been so close.\nI see your face reflected on\nthis autumn moon,\nOn which you also see mine...
  4. lin hai & friends - A Duet (06:17)
    I am singing to you my sweet home.\nI am singing for you, my sweet home.\nYou are my only song,\nMy only voice...
  5. lin hai & friends - Happiness (03:15)
    Flowers giggle. Grass laughs.\nEven the sky is happy.\nAll the worldis happy\nWhen you are happy.
  6. lin hai & friends - What the Pipa Says (04:19)
    If you can read between the lines,\nNow please listen among the strings.\nThe silence is more musical than music.\nI say the best when I say nothing at all.
  7. lin hai & friends - Back to Innocence (04:34)
    Back to innocence.\nBack to love.\nBack to what you really are.
  8. lin hai & friends - Colors of the Dusk (03:46)
    The dusk is even more colorful\nthan daylights.\nDark blue, blood red, tangerine,\npurple, ash grey-a Big Bang! --it ends.
  9. lin hai & friends - The Music of Your Sighs (05:08)
    Feelings merged before the \nmelody was formed,\nAnd they kept lingering after it has gone.\nYou speak, you sigh and you cry\nThrough the music...
  10. lin hai & friends - To the Other Shore (05:57)
    On this little boat\nI am travelling through time,\nHeading to the other shore...
  11. lin hai & friends - Song for Ordinary People (03:59)
    We've been through pain and tears,\nFor we are ordinary people.\nBut we will surely have our love\nand our joy for we are\nOrdinary people.
  12. lin hai & friends - Playing with Clouds (03:41)
    Flowersm, whalesm, baby's arms...\nI am looking at the clouds.\nHorses, butterfly's wings, your lips...\nWhat's the real shape of the clouds?

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