Gothic Voices: The Mirror of Narcissus - Songs by Guilliaume de Machaut CD Track Listing

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Gothic Voices The Mirror of Narcissus - Songs by Guilliaume de Machaut (1983)
The finest Machout collection of all....\nGuillaume de Machaut (1300-1377)\n'''Gothic Voices'''\n* Emily van Evera ''soprano''\n* Margaret Philpot ''contralto''\n* Rogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\n* Andrew King ''tenor''\n* Colin Scott Mason ''baritone''\n* Peter McCrae ''baritone''\nwith\n* Emma Kirkby ''soprano''\nChristpher Page ''director''\nRecorded on 7, 8 April 1983 by Antony Howell\nProducer: Martin Compton\n
This classical cd contains 13 tracks and runs 50min 58sec.
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  1. Gothic Voices - Dame, de qui toute ma joie vient (05:31)
    ballade from the Remede de Fortune\n\nEmily van Evera ''soprano''\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nAndrew King ''tenor''
  2. Gothic Voices - Foy porter (03:20)
    virelai\n\nEmma Kirkby ''soprano''
  3. Gothic Voices - Dame, je sui cilz---Fins cuers doulz (03:01)
    motet\n\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nPeter McCrae ''baritone''
  4. Gothic Voices - Tuit mi penser (03:11)
    virelai\n\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''
  5. Gothic Voices - Dame, mon cuer en vous remaint (04:30)
    rondelet from the Remede de Fortune\n\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nAndrew King ''tenor''
  6. Gothic Voices - Dame, a qui (05:37)
    virelai\n\nColin Scott Mason ''baritone''\n
  7. Gothic Voices - Biaut
    ballade\n\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nAndrew King ''tenor''
  8. Gothic Voices - Je vivroie liement (02:24)
    virelai\n\nEmily van Evera ''soprano''
  9. Gothic Voices - Rose, liz, printemps, verdure (04:37)
    rondeau\n\nEmily van Evera ''soprano''\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nAndrew King ''tenor''
  10. Gothic Voices - Dame, a vous sans retollir (02:56)
    virelai from the Remede de Fortune\n\nEmma Kirkby ''soprano''
  11. Gothic Voices - Amours me fait desire (04:13)
    ballade\n\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nPeter McCrae ''baritone''
  12. Gothic Voices - Douce dame jolie (02:52)
    virelai\n\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''
  13. Gothic Voices - Inviolata genitrix---Felix virgo---Ad te suspiramus (03:46)
    motet\n\nMargaret Philpot ''contralto''\nRogers Covey-Crump ''tenor''\nColin Scott Mason ''baritone''\nPeter McCrae ''baritone''

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