Oxford Minimalist Ensemble: Sheldonian concert conducted by Alexander Campkin CD Track Listing

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Oxford Minimalist Ensemble Sheldonian concert conducted by Alexander Campkin (2006)
The Oxford Minimalist Ensemble (OME) is a chamber ensemble based in Oxford and founded by Alexander Campkin to represent the influential wave of Minimalist music that began in the US in the 1960s. Pioneers of minimalism include composers such as Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and also John Adams and Michael Nyman. This extremely influential style of composition has until recently been largely neglected on the stages of Oxford music. This CD is the recording from our concert in the Shelonian Theatre, Oxford, in May 2006.
This classical cd contains 2 tracks and runs 55min 4sec.
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  1. Oxford Minimalist Ensemble - Alexander Campkin - Big Bang (09:54)
  2. Oxford Minimalist Ensemble - Terry Riley - In C (45:06)
    In C is usually performed with about 20 players and without a conductor. In our performance we moved the music to a different level by using an entirely different scale for the performance, involving more than 60 musicians. Owing to the greater number of

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