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Tarun Bhattacharaya: The Art of the Indian Santoor CD Track Listing

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Tarun Bhattacharaya The Art of the Indian Santoor (2002)
Bhattacharya is the master of the santoor, sort of an Indian cross between a harpsichord and a xylophone... This is a lovely all-instrumental album, perhaps a little less mystically charged than his other recent releases, but still quite beautiful and lulling. Recommended! \n
This classical cd contains 4 tracks and runs 75min 14sec.
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  1. Tarun Bhattacharaya - Raag Yaman (Early Evening Raga) [Alaap, Jod, Jhala] (19:59)
  2. Tarun Bhattacharaya - Raag Hament (Late Evening Raga) [Jhaptaal (10 beats)] (20:02)
  3. Tarun Bhattacharaya - Raag Hament [Teentaal (16 beats)] (08:48)
  4. Tarun Bhattacharaya - Light Classical on Raag Misra Pahadi [Taal-DeepchandI (14 beats) (26:21)

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