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Jan Boerman (1923) Electronic Music (1994)
NM Classics\n92032\n(1994)\n\n"Track Listing\n\nTotal Timing 64`36 \n\nMastering Engineer: Marcel Booij Tracks 1, 2 And 3 Those Tracks Were Originally Designed For Eight Track Tape and were created in the Studio For Electronic Music At The Royal Conservatory In The Hague Whit The Support Of The Fund For The Creation of Music. Mixing Assistent & Digital Post-Production: Kees Tazelaar Scores: Donemus Design: Cornelius Van Velsen Text: Jan Boerman\n\nADD\nThis album Is From Radio Netherlands International And Centrum Nederlandse Muziek. \n\nGreetings from Holland,\nMarco Wit
This classical cd contains 3 tracks and runs 64min 38sec.
Freedb: 2a0f2403


: Music



  1. Jan Boerman (1923) - Vlechtwerk (1988) (13:12)
  2. Jan Boerman (1923) - Kompositie (1989) (19:03)
  3. Jan Boerman (1923) - Tellurisch (1991) (32:20)

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