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  1. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - Cail
    The Maids of Castlebar, The Collier's Reel. These two reels share a powerful sense of wild comfort - wild in their optimistic lifting of listener, dancer and player into a state of hopeful excitement, comfortable in being racy of the soil of Ireland.
  2. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - Na Lil
    Lilies in the Field, The Limerick Lassies. Reels to speed the pulse and rise your heart! Call the Dancers!

  3. Remembering who we are and where we came from holds perhaps for the Irish a special importance, since the events which shaped our destiny and identity as a nation and a people forged in us a desire never to forget.
  4. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - Gearrchail
    Who can tell us of the miles and miles of music which illuminated the long winter nights of days gone by on Spike Island - perched in the wild ocean of the south.
  5. MacMahon, Tony - Gol Na Mban San
    The cries of women among the dead after the battle of Cnoc Na nDos (between Mallow and Kanturk in County Cork) on the 13th of November 1647 is recalled in this lament of extraordinary sweetness and sorrow.
  6. Hill, Noel - Boic Chro
    The great reel "The Hearty Bucks of Oranmore" is a perfect reflection of the challenge of capturing the natural world's secret rythms and many colours. Fiery and unpredictable like nature, it holds together in a pure and fragile way.

  7. This song, encapsulates all that is best in the Love Songs of Munster, soaring and dynamic in melody, yet, in mood it remains unyieldingly dark and brooding.
  8. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - R
    This reel is an evocation of the memory of late John Kelly in West Clare and Capel Street in Dublin.
  9. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - Na Ceannabh
    It was S
  10. Hill, Noel - L
    The Rainy Day, The Merry Blacksmith, The Silver Spear. These three reels come from the piper S
  11. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - An Fhuiseog Ar Maidin, Port Joe Cooley (03:58)
    The Lark in the Morning, Cooley's Jig. These two jigs recall a musician of legendary dimension - the late Joe Cooley of Peterswell, County Galway.
  12. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - An M
    The Bag of Potatoes, The Bird on the Tree. Both are grand old reels, combining an impetuous celebration with a sharp and tender melancholy.
  13. MacMahon, Tony & Noel Hill - An Buachaill Fionn, An R

  14. he Fair Haired Boy, The High Reel. Many a set was battered out upon many a flagston

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