Fairfield Four: Standing In The Safety Zone CD Track Listing

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Fairfield Four Standing In The Safety Zone (1992)
Isaac Freeman: Bass and Musical Director\nJames Hill: Baritone and Group Manager\nW.L. Richardson: Lead and Chaplain\nWalter Settles: Utility Lead\nWilson Waters: Tenor and Treasurer\n YEAR: 1992
This blues cd contains 11 tracks and runs 38min 13sec.
Freedb: 8f08f30b


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  1. Fairfield Four - Tree Of Level (00:50)
    Isaac Freeman: Lead Vocal, Bass\nSamuel H. McCrary: Tenor\nJames Hill: Baritone\nEdward Thomas: Second Tenor\n
  2. Fairfield Four - My God Called Me This Morning (02:31)
    Walter Settles: Lead Vocal\n
  3. Fairfield Four - Children, Go Where I Send Thee (04:10)
    W.L. Richardson: Lead Vocal\n
  4. Fairfield Four - Born Again (02:31)
    Walter Settles: Lead Vocal\n
  5. Fairfield Four - Keep Me Near The Cross (Servant's Prayer) (05:31)
    Walter Settles: Lead Vocal\n
  6. Fairfield Four - Roll, Jordan, Roll (04:49)
    Alan O'Bryant, Isaac Freeman: Lead Vocals\n
  7. Fairfield Four - Standing In The Safety Zone (02:41)
    Walter Settles: Lead Vocal\n
  8. Fairfield Four - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (04:39)
    W.L. Richardson: Lead Vocal\n
  9. Fairfield Four - Last Month Of The Year (03:06)
    Alan O'Bryant, W.L. Richardson, Walter Settles: Lead Vocals\n
  10. Fairfield Four - How I Got Over (03:21)
    Walter Settles: Lead Vocal\n
  11. Fairfield Four - Dig A Little Deeper (03:56)
    W.L. Richardson: Lead Vocal\n

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