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Various WOW Gospel 1999 disc 1 (1999)
YEAR: 1999 ID3G: 38\n
This blues cd contains 17 tracks and runs 74min 20sec.
Freedb: f7116a11


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  1. Various - Strength - The New Life Community Choir featuring John P. Kee (04:52)
    The New Life Community Choir\nSTRENGTH\nThe New Life Community Choir featuring John P. Kee\n-Verity Records-\n\nThis project is definitely whatthe title implies. To hear this record\nis to experience Gospel music ati ts best! No other artist exemplifies
  2. Various - Let The Praise Begin (Live) - Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ (04:41)
    Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ\nLET THE PRAISE BEGIN (LIVE)\nFred Hammond & Radical For Christ\n-Verity Records-\n\nThe gold-certified doublealbum of Urban Praise and Worship entitled Pages\nof Life - Chapters I& II is a masterpiece of testimonial son
  3. Various - Well, Alright - CeCe Winans (04:16)
    CeCe Winnans\nWELL, ALRIGHT\nCeCe Winans\n-Pioneer Music Group/Sparrow Records-\n\nAs one of music's most widely recognized artists, CeCe Winanshas been\na trusted amassador, taking Gospel music into arenas it hasne ver gone\nbefore. A return to Urban R&
  4. Various - Long As I Got King Jesus (Don't Need Nobody Else)-Remix - Vickie Winans (04:24)
    Vickie Winans\nLONG AS I GOT KING JESUS (DON'T NEED NOBODY ELSE) - REMIX\nVickie Winans\n-CGI/Platinum/Intersound-\n\nVickie Winans, one of today's supreme Gospel artists, has released a new\nversion of her hit, "Long As I Got King Jesus." The song from
  5. Various - Balm In Gilead - Karen Clark-Sheard (05:04)
    Karen Clark-Sheard\nBALM IN GILEAD\nKaren Clark-Sheard\n-Island Inspirational-\n\nAs a child, Karen Clark took to the stage with an angel's voice. As a\nmember of the renowned Clark Sisters, she helped take Gospelmu sic into\na new era. Nominated for nin
  6. Various - Hold On (Change Is Comin') - Sounds Of Blackness (04:03)
    Sounds Of Blackness\nHOLD ON (CHANGE IS COMIN')\nSounds of Blackness\n-Pf Blackness has released\nits most moving record to date, A Time For Hea ling. The ensemble has\nfashioned a powerful suite of songs, includingth e funk-inflected "Hold\nOn". This
  7. Various - In Harm's Way - BeBe Winans (05:20)
    BeBe Winnans\nIN HARM'S WAY\nBeBe Winans\n-Atlantic Records/Sparrow Records-\n\nOne of the most distinctive voices in music today, BeBe Winans has been\nat the forefront of exposing Gospel music to mass audiences ever ywhere.\n This moving song from his s
  8. Various - Angels Watching Over Me - Virtue (04:32)
    Virtue\nANGELS WATCHING OVER ME\nVirtue\n-Verity Records-\n\nThese fourladies took the industry by storm with their debut release. \nTaking notin g for granted, Get Ready is an upbeat follow-up, replete with\ncelebratio n and inspiring, infectious melodie
  9. Various - Only Believe - Yolanda Adams (04:07)
    Yolanda Adams\nONLY BELIEVE\nYolanda Adams\n-Verity Records-\n\nThis collection of traditional\n
  10. Various - I Will Bless The Lord - Pastor Hezekiah Walker Presents The LFT Church Choir (03:33)
    Hezekiah Walker\nI WILL BLESS THE LORD\nPastor Hezekiah Walker PresentsThe LFT Church Choir\n-Verity Records-\n\nFrom Hezekiah Walker's production label, Hez House Entertainment/Verity\nRecords, comes the LFT (LoveFe llowship Tabernacle) Church Choir. Wh
  11. Various - Under The Influence - Anointed (04:05)
    Anointed\nUNDER THE INFLUENCE\nAnointed\n-Myrrh Records-\n\nThis talented group just keeps rising to the top with great music. They\nare wello n their way to becoming Gospel music's best-known vocal group.\n TheGra mmy-nominated group has received four D
  12. Various - Need To Know - Dawkins & Dawkins (04:10)
    Dawkins & Dawkins\nNEED TO KNOW\nDawkins & Dawkins\n-Harmony Records-\n\nGarnering both a 1993 Gospel Music Workshop of America Excellence Award\nand a '93 Stellar Award nomination, Eric and Anson Dawkins are oneo f\nthe most promising new duos on the roa
  13. Various - Give It Up - O'Landa Draper & The Associations (03:16)
    O'Landra Draper & The Associates\nIn the tradition of great Gospel music, the late O'Landra Draper, along\nwith The Associates, is one part pre achin', one part Holy Ghost, one part\npassion -- and don't forget style . All in all, they are one hundred pe
  14. Various - I Will Love You - Oleta Adams (05:27)
    Oleta Adams\nI WILL LOVE YOU\nOleta Adams\n-Harmony Records-\n\nSince the runaway success of her 1990 debut album, Circle of One, Oleta\nAdamsh as inspired a growing legion of fans in the U.S. and Europe. Her\nsucce ss in the R&B genre has been solidifie
  15. Various - I Believe - Angie & Debbie Winans (04:42)
    Angie & Debbie Winans\nI BELIEVE\nAngie & Debbie Winans\n-Against The Flowold, was one of\nthe most talked-about albums of 1998, garnering hundred s of newspaper\nand media stories. The second single, "Not Natural," wa s protested by\ncivil rights groups
  16. Various - Worship Christ - New Direction (04:01)
    New Direction\nWORSHIP CHRIST\nNew Direction\n-Myrrh Records-\n\nThis youthful choir captures the traditional way of presenting Gospel music\na nd adds a new modern-day twist and direction. The sky is the limit!\n I ts music is a bridge that brings toget
  17. Various - You're The One - Darwin Hobbs (03:38)
    Darwin Hobbs\nYOU'RE THE ONE\nDarwin Hobbs\n-EMI Gospel Records-\n\nDarwin Hobbs personifies a voice that is truly unique and easily recogniza\nble. Mercy, his debut release, blends his robust, captivating vocalsw\nith an array of "churban"-flavoured son

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