The Dirtbombs: Chariots of the Gods? CD Track Listing

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The Dirtbombs Chariots of the Gods? (2001)
Recorded Summer 1999 at the Ghetto Recorder, Detroit MI\nEngineered by Jim Diamond\nProduced by Mick Collins\nSpecial Production Help: Pat Haggood, Nate Johnson\nCover Concept by Mick\nLayout by Ballistic\n\n\nI sang and played guitar on everything, Jim Diamond played bass on everything, \nJoe Greenwall played fuzz on "Encrypted", Dion Fischer played fuzz on everything\nelse; the drums were an ever-changing combination of Chris Handyside, Ewolf,\nPat Pantano, and special guest Gisela Albertini.\n\nSpecial Thanks to Greta, Fionna, Scotti, and everybody at Au Go Go for being so patient.\n\nOh yeah and thanks to Jimmy Chin for track 2. Number 2 in the "no series" series\n\nThis record started with a broken wrist, and ended with near-bankruptcy and a\ndisgustingly late release. There will be plenty of "Fuck You" on the next record,\nright now I'm merely grateful.\n -Mick
This blues cd contains 6 tracks and runs 14min 22sec.
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  1. The Dirtbombs - Encrypted (02:40)
  2. The Dirtbombs - Your Love Belongs Under A Rock (02:20)
  3. The Dirtbombs - Mystery Train (03:00)
  4. The Dirtbombs - They Hate Us In Scandinavia (01:37)
  5. The Dirtbombs - Words That Hurt (01:53)
  6. The Dirtbombs - Candy Ass (02:47)

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