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Eric "Two Scoops" Moore Hungry! (2000)\n\nEric "Two Scoops" Moore - Lead vocals, piano\n"Sax" Gordon Beadle - Tenor Saxophone, background vocals\nJim King - Tenor Saxophone on tracks 3-5, 10, 11, harmonica on track 6\nCutts Peaslee - Drums on tracks 3-5, 9-11, 15, 16\nJim Piano - Drums on tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 12-14\nGuy Quintino - Acoustic bass on tracks 3-5, 10, 11\nBill Freckleton - Electric bass on tracks 1, 2, 6-9, 12-15\nDave Conant - Guitar on tracks 6, 15\n\n"Sax" Gordon appears courtesy of Bullseye Blues & Jazz\nAll Songs by Eric "Two Scoops" Moore copyright 1998 Clean Plate Records (ASCAP)\nexcept "No Good for Nothing", "Bug Stomp" and "Saxident" by Eric "Two Scoops" Moore\ncopyright 1998 Clean Plate Records (ASCAP) and "Sax" Gordon Beadle copyright 1998\nBonkey Music (BMI)\n\nA special thank you to all the waitresses, hostesses, chefs and barmaids who have treated me\nso well over the years.\n\nTracks 1-5, 7, 8, 10-14\nRecorded live by Kearney Barton on vintage gear at audio Recording, Seattle, WA\n\nTracks 6, 9,15,16\nRecorded by Don King at the super modern No Script Studio, Lynwood, MA\n\nMastering by Barry Corliss at MasterWorks, Seattle, WA\n\nSpecial effects on track 8 courtesy of Raven Humphres, Blackwing Studio & Steve Bailey, Bluestown Records\n\nFront cover paintings by Roy Nydorf, Professor of Art, Guilford College, Greensboro, NC (Amy's brother)\nBack cover drawings by Elsi Nydorf, Amy's Mom\n\nKearney and Eric photo by Amy Moore\nLayout Design by William Maner Design Group with help by Bill Sears\n
This blues cd contains 16 tracks and runs 41min 0sec.
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  1. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Hungry! (02:17)
  2. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - No Good for Nothin (02:50)
  3. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Auto Service Hell (02:21)
  4. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Save Me Some Time (03:49)
  5. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Bug Stomp (02:40)
  6. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Main Course (02:13)
  7. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - My Castle (02:54)
  8. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Use Me Right (02:12)
  9. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Booze In The House (02:17)
  10. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Mud Pie (02:50)
  11. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Saxident (02:51)
  12. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - You Came Walking In (02:42)
  13. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - I Can Drink (01:57)
  14. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Bus Stop (02:07)
  15. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Whip It Out! (01:59)
  16. Eric "Two Scoops" Moore - Next Time... (02:48)

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