Selling Offer of Leather Garments, Gloves & Sportswear

A list by Minahil Leather Fashion

Minahil Leather Fashion is one of the most prominent companies in the Pakistan Leather & Sports Industry, which develops and produces Leather Fashion garments, Sports-Gear like leather gloves and Sportswear for biking, cycling, snowboarding, skiing etc. and Safety & Work gloves with a vertically integrated, state of the art production facility. The company started off in 1991 and is today a very strong brand in functional sports wear. We're 100% child labor free company. We are ISO 9001-2000 Certified. Our obsession with excellence does not allow us to compromise on quality since the products we offer are professionally designed, beautifully crafted, yet reasonably priced. We have a large and demanding customer base who is constantly challenging our flexibility and ability to respond quickly to changes in the market place and supply quality products which are competitively priced.Please ensure if you start business with us we can supply you our best quality products & most economical prices. For more details about our company & products please visit our online website www.mlf.com.pk or contact info@mlf.com



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