Reasons Why America Shouldn't have a war against Iraq

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  1. "War is not the answer."
  2. When we go to war we are teaching our children and our children's children that war solves conflict, but it does'nt."
  3. The only reason George Bush wants to go to war is for the Iraqy oil supply, and nothing at all got to do with nuclear weapons."
  4. The people of the world don't want it."
  5. Thousands of innocent people WILL be killed."
  6. It could be the start of World War Three, and George Bush will be responsible for mankinds self destruction."
  7. War is not the last option, if George Bush would take time to talk with all partys involved then it could be resolved quickly and peacefully."
  8. Nothing will be gained by him going in all guns blazing and picking on a smaller country."
  9. Bush will have the respect of the greater world if he takes the first step and tries to resolve there differences and shows he is a bigger man han Saddam Hussane."
  10. Millions of dollars of American money will be spent arms for this war which will be millions ofdollars not spent on essential services like the education and health services.Think about it George, I know i am right.

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