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German Top 20 - 2002 April
Germany Top 29 - 2002 August
German Top 20 - 2002 July
German Top 30 - 2002 November
German Top 35 - 2002 October

Billboard Top 40 Hits (1967)
The Seven Deadly Diseases
Sports Disasters
The World's Countries with most Land Borders
The World's richest Countries
The World's poorest Countries
The World's smallest Countries (by land mass)
The World's oldest Countries
The World's youngest Countries
World Facts - Languages of the World
The World's largest Countries (by land mass)
The World's wettest Inhabitet Places (rain fall in inches per year)
The World's Largest Deserts
The World's tallest Mountains (by size)
The World's tallest Mountains (on each continent)
The World's major Lakes (by size)
The World's deepest Lakes (by depth)
World Facts - Hottest, Coldest, Driest, Wettest
The World's major Islands (by size)
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