Richard Bebb: Geoffrey Chaucer The Knyghtes Tale in Middle English CD1 CD Track Listing

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Richard Bebb Geoffrey Chaucer The Knyghtes Tale in Middle English CD1
This misc cd contains 18 tracks and runs 76min 30sec.
Freedb: 1211ec12
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  1. Richard Bebb - The Knyghtes Tale - lamque domos patrias... (03:34)
  2. Richard Bebb - The eldest lady of hem alle spak... (04:15)
  3. Richard Bebb - The rede statue of Mars, with spere and targe... (03:47)
  4. Richard Bebb - This passeth yeer by yeer, and day by day... (03:48)
  5. Richard Bebb - This Palamon answerde, and seyde ageyn... (03:59)
  6. Richard Bebb - This Arcite ful proudly spak ageyn... (04:28)
  7. Richard Bebb - How greet a sorwe suffreth now Arcite! (03:56)
  8. Richard Bebb - Up-on that other syde Palamon... (05:40)
  9. Richard Bebb - The Second Part - Whan that Arcite to Thebes comen was... (04:35)
  10. Richard Bebb - Wel coulde he hewen wode, and water bere... (04:25)
  11. Richard Bebb - Now wol I torne un-to Arcite ageyn... (03:30)
  12. Richard Bebb - Whan that Arcite had songe, he gan to syke... (03:49)
  13. Richard Bebb - This Arcite, with ful despitous herte... (04:32)
  14. Richard Bebb - The destinee, ministre general... (05:07)
  15. Richard Bebb - This worthy duk answerde anon agayn... (05:51)
  16. Richard Bebb - 'To speke of royal linage and richesse...' (03:40)
  17. Richard Bebb - The Third Part - I trowe men wolde deme it necligence... (04:44)
  18. Richard Bebb - The statue of Venus, glorious for to see... (02:40)

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