Tokyo Philharmonic: Orchestral Game Concert 5 CD Track Listing

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Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestral Game Concert 5 (1995)
Original composition by Various Artists\nArrangement by Koichi Sugiyama\nConducted by Koichi Sugiyama\nCatalog #: SRCL-2739 YEAR: 1995
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 53min 40sec.
Freedb: ab0c920c
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  1. Tokyo Philharmonic - Kirby's Super Deluxe: The Gourmet Race (04:32)
    The Gourmet Race\nCollision Theme\nTheme of Kirby's Triumphant Return
  2. Tokyo Philharmonic - Super Mario Yoshi Island: Yoshi's Athletic (02:52)
  3. Tokyo Philharmonic - Donkey Kong Country: Water Music (05:05)
  4. Tokyo Philharmonic - Fire Emblem II: Fire Emblem's Theme Song (06:28)
  5. Tokyo Philharmonic - Dragon Quest VI: Evil Motive (04:28)
    Evil Motive\nSatan's Castle\nShivering, Beating Heart
  6. Tokyo Philharmonic - Dragon Quest VI: Flying Bed (02:19)
  7. Tokyo Philharmonic - Hercules' Glory IV: Atlantis' Memories (04:02)
    Atlantis' Memories\nAt The Edge Of The Earth\nGoblins' War
  8. Tokyo Philharmonic - Renasu II, Sealed Believers: Erutsu Turbulent Journey (04:57)
  9. Tokyo Philharmonic - Bounty Sword: Invincible Knight (05:34)
  10. Tokyo Philharmonic - Iihatoovo Story: Iihatoovo Hymn (03:51)
  11. Tokyo Philharmonic - Seiken Densetsu 3: Meridian Child (04:02)
  12. Tokyo Philharmonic - Chrono Trigger: Theme of Chrono Trigger (05:22)

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