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Off the Beat No Static (1997)
Copyright 1997 Off the Beat\n YEAR: 1997
This misc cd contains 17 tracks and runs 67min 51sec.
Freedb: f20fe511
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: Music



  1. Off the Beat - Who Will Save Your Soul (by Jewel) (04:09)
    Solo: Allison Deutermann\nArrangement: Dan Gross\n
  2. Off the Beat - Vaishnav Jan To (Traditional) (01:56)
    rrazzo\nArrangement: Sid Khosla\n
  3. Off the Beat - Free (by Phish) (03:20)
    Solo: Nate Raab\nArrangement: Sid Khosla\n
  4. Off the Beat - Crash Into Me (by Dave Matthews Band) (04:34)
    Solo: Greg Kwiat\nArrangement: Dan Jurow\n
  5. Off the Beat - Every Day is a Winding Road (by Sheryl Crow) (03:36)
    Solo: Alex Jarige\nArrangement: Dan Jurow\n
  6. Off the Beat - 6th Avenue Heartache (by The Wallflowers) (04:07)
    Solo and Arrangement: Dan Gross\n
  7. Off the Beat - What I Got (by Sublime) (02:45)
    Solo and Arrangement: Dan Jurow\n
  8. Off the Beat - Fall from Grace (by Amanda Marshall) (03:26)
    Solo: Julie Mahan\nArrangement: Tanya Witman\n
  9. Off the Beat - Blood of Eden (by Peter Gabriel) (07:14)
    Solo: Sid Khosla\nArrangement: Dan Jurow\n
  10. Off the Beat - Love is a Battlefield (by Pat Benatar) (05:02)
    Solo: Allison Deutermann\nArrangement: Dan Gross\n
  11. Off the Beat - Novocaine for the Soul (by The Eels) (02:42)
    Solo: Jeff Marrazzo\nArrangement: Alfred Campbell\n
  12. Off the Beat - Shadowboxer (by Fiona Apple) (05:44)
    Solo: Tanya Witman\nArrangement: Sid Khosla\n
  13. Off the Beat - Turn My Head (by Live) (03:36)
    Solo: Dan Gross\nArrangement: Jeff Marrazzo and Dan Jurow\n
  14. Off the Beat - Where the Streets Have No Name (by U2) (05:23)
    Solo: Greg Kwiat\nArrangement: Dan Gross\n
  15. Off the Beat - Be My Lover (by La Bouche) (03:30)
    Soli: Group\nArrangement: Tanya Witman\n
  16. Off the Beat - Don't Speak (by No Doubt) (03:37)
    Solo: Alex Jarige\nArrangement: Dan Jurow\n
  17. Off the Beat - All Mixed Up (by 311) (02:58)
    Solo and Arrangement: Dan Jurow\n

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