Konrad Ruhland: Gregorian Chants CD Track Listing

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Konrad Ruhland Gregorian Chants (1993)
This misc cd contains 18 tracks and runs 63min 41sec.
Freedb: e60eeb12
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  1. Konrad Ruhland - Repleatur os meum laude tua (05:00)
    Introit on the Friday before Whitsun
  2. Konrad Ruhland - Regem regum Dominum - Venite exsultemus (08:16)
    Invitatory on the feast of All Saints (Psalm 94)
  3. Konrad Ruhland - Ecce iam noctis (01:19)
    Laudes hymn on Sundays in the summer
  4. Konrad Ruhland - Kyrie - Rex acterno (03:45)
    Kyrie trope of the Mass De Angelis
  5. Konrad Ruhland - Aurora lucis rutilat (02:17)
    Easter hymn
  6. Konrad Ruhland - Tua est potentia (02:42)
    Great responsory on the feast of Christ the King
  7. Konrad Ruhland - Salve festa diess (05:28)
    Processional hymn
  8. Konrad Ruhland - Veni sancte Spiritus (03:14)
    Whitsun hymn
  9. Konrad Ruhland - Gloria in excelsis Deo (02:42)
    Movement of an Ambrosian Mass
  10. Konrad Ruhland - Pacem relinquo vobis - Laudate Dominium omnes gentes (02:13)
    Antiphon and Psalm 116
  11. Konrad Ruhland - Inviolata integra et casta es Maria (01:47)
    Marian sequence
  12. Konrad Ruhland - Magnificat anima mea Domium (04:27)
    Antiphon and canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  13. Konrad Ruhland - Salve regina misericordiae (06:44)
    Marian antiphon and trope
  14. Konrad Ruhland - Coelestis aulae nuntiuss (02:24)
    Hymn on the feast of St. John
  15. Konrad Ruhland - Ut queant laxis (02:15)
    Hymn of St. John (solmization)
  16. Konrad Ruhland - Laeta quies magni ducts (02:23)
    Sequence on the feast of St. Benedict
  17. Konrad Ruhland - Kyrie eleison (04:00)
    Two-parat Kyrie "Magnae Deus potentiae"
  18. Konrad Ruhland - Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostria (02:35)
    Antiphon and verse from Psalm 122

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