Small Change: Major Havoc! CD Track Listing

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Small Change Major Havoc!
Front of case:\n"A year of Nickel and Dime Radio compressing into 69 minutes of audio pleasure...\nThanks for pledging to WFMU\nPromo only, not for sale, suckaz!"\n\nBack of case:\n"What better way to enjoy a years worth of radio...in a little over one hour! That's right kids, I went through all my shows last year (45 of 'em or so) and cut out small segments and pasted them together into the hot little mix you have in your hands right here (thanks to the magic of Pro-Tools). So enjoy, and thanks again, you the (wo)man...\n\n* = Interview or guest's selection"\n\n(Note: Transcribed as seen on the case, typos and all)
This misc cd contains 43 tracks and runs 70min 8sec.
Freedb: 6b106e2b
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  1. Small Change - Intro...DJ Design in the background (00:37)
  2. Small Change - Jean Grae representing the real shiznit... (02:46)
  3. Small Change - Coasters 'Down Home Girl', played live at the WFMU rekkid fair! (01:55)
  4. Small Change - Mr. Chop of the Jazzman UK crew (00:48)
  5. Small Change - Makoto (Weekend Records) playing Pugh's 'Love Love Love'* (01:34)
  6. Small Change - Eddie and Inez's 'Lover and a Friend' (00:40)
  7. Small Change - Ted Shred's Hip Hop vs. The Godfather mix* (01:07)
  8. Small Change - Talkin' TAZ with Larry Harvey (Burning Man Founder)* (01:02)
  9. Small Change - Geto Boys 'My Malt Liquor's playing Tricks on Me' (02:06)
  10. Small Change - Mr. Oizo Analog Acapella meets Ventian Snare's Dub Plate Pressure (01:24)
  11. Small Change - SC's Funky Fucked up Religious Set... (02:28)
  12. Small Change - Hannibal Drops Science on the Her-on (01:33)
  13. Small Change - The Completely Sober LSD Mix (03:32)
  14. Small Change - T. Valentine makes a phone call (01:26)
  15. Small Change - Edan drops breath controlled treats* (00:59)
  16. Small Change - Cut Chemist goes waaayback, back into time...* (02:41)
  17. Small Change - 'Come on give 'em another one!' (Mo Beatbox) (00:39)
  18. Small Change - Edan hands out the chipmunk beatdown* (01:30)
  19. Small Change - You Bring the Xmas Tree and DJ Shakey 'll Bring the rekkids* (01:58)
  20. Small Change - DJ Pantshead (ECC) drops supa-illegal worldwilde exclusive Rocked by Rape DnB mix* (01:30)
  21. Small Change - Dave Tompkins' Miami Madness* (01:41)
  22. Small Change - D.J. Salinger gives a taste of 'Booty Bar'* (01:11)
  23. Small Change - Dan The Automator's "Lub Advice"* (00:20)
  24. Small Change - DFA Killed it this year... (01:23)
  25. Small Change - Language, Duane, Shakey and myself in the 'Gay Dance Spectacular'* (01:49)
  26. Small Change - When at first you don't succeed... (02:35)
  27. Small Change - Galt Macdermot knows the time* (00:25)
  28. Small Change - DJ Lorr's 'Breakbeat of Seville'* (01:52)
  29. Small Change - It Don't Me a Thing... (01:59)
  30. Small Change - Louis Armstrong and Leon Thomas...who would'a thought? (03:36)
  31. Small Change - Biz channels Elton (01:29)
  32. Small Change - Ahhh...Shuggie (01:42)
  33. Small Change - Buffalo 66's tender moments (01:20)
  34. Small Change - Twilight Circus Live PA...DUB IT!* (01:20)
  35. Small Change - Rob from Sound Library with Augustus Pablo's first offering* (00:49)
  36. Small Change - DJ Scratch Famous lets Sister Nancy tell us how to get 'round town...* (01:05)
  37. Small Change - DJ MonkOne gives us TSOB* (00:26)
  38. Small Change - Metro Area interviews each other (shit, who needs me?)* (01:28)
  39. Small Change - Misbehaivor with the UK flavour* (01:26)
  40. Small Change - SC busts a move... (02:15)
  41. Small Change - Compulsive Avant Guardness (03:49)
  42. Small Change - DJ Greg Casual with 16 tonaldes* (01:05)
  43. Small Change - Wacked out euro-jazz from Mr. Scruff, and final words to live by from the lengerdary record dealer Nick the Record Servant Boy, aka Stinky Steve. (02:26)

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