Monastery Hilandar: Consonances of the Hilandar Praise 4 CD Track Listing

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Monastery Hilandar Consonances of the Hilandar Praise 4 (2001)
Submited by Domagoj
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 73min 26sec.
Freedb: a911340c
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  1. Monastery Hilandar - Vesting of the Bishop, Ton Despotin kai Arhierea..., Grave Tone (06:29)
  2. Monastery Hilandar - "The Prophets from on high...", Grave Tone (10:19)
  3. Monastery Hilandar - Beginning of the Divine Liturgy, Great Litany (05:21)
  4. Monastery Hilandar - First Psalm (102) of the Typica, Plagal of Fourth Tone (05:29)
  5. Monastery Hilandar - Second Psalm (145) of the Typica, Fourth Tone (Legetos) (04:25)
  6. Monastery Hilandar - The Beatitudes, Fourth Tone and First Tone (05:27)
  7. Monastery Hilandar - The Small Entrance: the Introit, Second Tone (04:41)
  8. Monastery Hilandar - The Thrice-Holy Hymn, Second Tone (06:46)
  9. Monastery Hilandar - Dynamis, Plagal of First Tone; "Lord Save the Pious...", Third Tone; Polychronia (Many Years): to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartolomew and to the Serbian Patriarch Paul, Second Tone (10:25)
  10. Monastery Hilandar - Prokimenon and Reading of the Epistle, in Greek and Church-Slavonic (05:59)
  11. Monastery Hilandar - Alleluia, First Tone (03:18)
  12. Monastery Hilandar - Reading of the Gospel, in Greek and Church-Slavonic, Eis polla eti, Despota (04:38)

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