Various Artists: Early Kern: Songs from Broadway and London, 1907 - 1925 CD Track Listing

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Various Artists Early Kern: Songs from Broadway and London, 1907 - 1925
Craig Bierko, David Carroll, Jenean Chandler, Kim Criswell, George Dvorsky, Gregg Edelman, Jason Graae, Brian Lane Greene, Mark D. Kaufman, Judy Kaye, Alix Korey, Kelly Lester, Rebecca Luker, Greg MacKellan, Andrea Marcovicci, Kevin McMahon, Paige O'Hara, Geri Petchel, Jeffrey Rockwell, Patricia Wilson (Glenn Mehrbach)
This misc cd contains 27 tracks and runs 69min 50sec.
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  1. Various Artists - The Land Where Good Songs Go (03:11)
    Andrea Marcovicci
  2. Various Artists - Never Marry a Girl with Cold Feet! (02:46)
    Greg MacKellan, Jason Graae
  3. Various Artists - Saturday Night (02:15)
    Judy Kaye
  4. Various Artists - Weeping Willow Tree (03:20)
    David Carroll
  5. Various Artists - A Business of Our Own (02:54)
    George Dvorsky, Alix Korey
  6. Various Artists - It's a Sure, Sure Sign (02:43)
    Paige O'Hara
  7. Various Artists - Girls are Like a Rainbow (00:53)
    Greg MacKellan
  8. Various Artists - In Love with Love (03:05)
    Kelly Lester, Kevin McMahon
  9. Various Artists - Little Tune, Go Away (02:32)
    Kim Criswell
  10. Various Artists - When the Lights are Low (01:36)
    Gregg Edelman
  11. Various Artists - Greenwich Village (02:22)
    Greg MacKellan, Paige O'Hara, George Dvorsky
  12. Various Artists - Not You (01:37)
    Alix Korey
  13. Various Artists - The Baby Vampire (03:01)
    Craig Bierko, Mark D. Kaufmann, Jeffrey Rockwell, Brian Lane Green
  14. Various Artists - Dream a Dream (03:23)
    Rebecca Luker
  15. Various Artists - I'm so Busy (02:29)
    Kim Criswell, George Dvorsky
  16. Various Artists - Alice in Wonderland (02:56)
    Paige O'Hara
  17. Various Artists - Will it All End in Smoke? (03:03)
    Kevin McMahon
  18. Various Artists - Go, Little Boat (03:13)
    Judy Kaye
  19. Various Artists - Ain't it a Grand and Glorious Feeling? (01:36)
    George Dvorsky, Kelly Lester, Jeffrey Rockwell
  20. Various Artists - Raggedy Ann (03:07)
    Patricia Wilson
  21. Various Artists - At the Ball (02:08)
    Brian Lane Greene
  22. Various Artists - Whose Baby are You? (02:06)
    Greg MacKellan, Paige O'Hara
  23. Various Artists - There's No Better Use for Time than Kissing (01:35)
    Rebecca Luker
  24. Various Artists - Society (02:44)
    Jason Graae
  25. Various Artists - Dancing Time (04:12)
    Geri Petchel, Brian Lane Green
  26. Various Artists - And I am All Alone (01:33)
    Andrea Marcovicci
  27. Various Artists - Once in a Blue Moon (03:15)
    Jenean Chandler, Jason Graae, Alix Korey

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