Ian Rankin: The Hanging Garden Disc 3 CD Track Listing

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Ian Rankin The Hanging Garden Disc 3 (1998)
YEAR: 1998
This misc cd contains 11 tracks and runs 73min 15sec.
Freedb: ab11290b
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  1. Ian Rankin - Four in the morning, the blessed telephone ... (06:49)
  2. Ian Rankin - Hogan: Did you kill him Dr. Colquhoun? (07:15)
  3. Ian Rankin - In the morning Rebus went inot St. Leonard's ... (06:49)
  4. Ian Rankin - 'Thanks for you time, Siobhan,' Rebus said. (07:02)
  5. Ian Rankin - Doctors in white coats were doing things (05:00)
  6. Ian Rankin - The Customs official in Inverness gave Rebus the impression ... (05:44)
  7. Ian Rankin - 'Just tell me where she is, Rebus, and I walk out of your life.' (05:13)
  8. Ian Rankin - Two in the moring, Frost on the car windscreens. (07:16)
  9. Ian Rankin - Brian "Pretty Boy' Summers, in a charcoal suit ... (06:51)
  10. Ian Rankin - 'When did you first meet Joseph Lintz?' (07:21)
  11. Ian Rankin - Rebus took a newspaper from his pocket. (07:45)

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