Alan Garner: The Moon of Gomrath (read by Philip Madoc) CD Track Listing

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Alan Garner The Moon of Gomrath (read by Philip Madoc) (2007)
YEAR: 2007
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 69min 40sec.
Freedb: ab10510c
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  1. Alan Garner - Ch 01 The Elves of Sinadon (03:12)
  2. Alan Garner - Ch 02a The Well (04:38)
  3. Alan Garner - Ch 02b (Colin and Susan walked along the foot of the Edge) (04:36)
  4. Alan Garner - Ch 03 Atlendor (07:39)
  5. Alan Garner - Ch 04a The Brollachan (04:45)
  6. Alan Garner - Ch 04b (Susan looked at the band of ancient silver...) (05:53)
  7. Alan Garner - Ch 04c (Long ago, one of the old mischiefs...) (07:16)
  8. Alan Garner - Ch 05a 'To a Woman yt was Dumpe' (05:05)
  9. Alan Garner - Ch 05b (They sat down at the table...) (06:57)
  10. Alan Garner - Ch 05c (Colin never knew what woke him.) (05:43)
  11. Alan Garner - Ch 06a Old Evil (07:15)
  12. Alan Garner - Ch 06b (There was a glare of light...) (06:34)

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