Joyce, James: Ulysses 17-22 CD Track Listing

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Joyce, James Ulysses 17-22
This misc cd contains 11 tracks and runs 78min 1sec.
Freedb: 9b12470b
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  1. Joyce, James - Mr Bloom And Stephen Entered The Cabman's Shelter... (04:55)
  2. Joyce, James - A Silence Ensued Till Mr Bloom... (04:59)
  3. Joyce, James - Mr Bloom, Without Evincing Surprise... (08:50)
  4. Joyce, James - Tired, Seemingly, He Ceased. (05:11)
  5. Joyce, James - The Face Of A Streetwalker... (09:34)
  6. Joyce, James - Mind You, I'm Not Saying That It's All A Pure... (07:16)
  7. Joyce, James - All, Meantime, Were Loudly Lamenting... (08:18)
  8. Joyce, James - He Turned A Long You Are Wrong Gaze... (05:14)
  9. Joyce, James - At His Pertinent Suggestion... (06:59)
  10. Joyce, James - While The Other Was Reading It On Page Two... (08:58)
  11. Joyce, James - Just Bears Out What I Was Saying... (07:38)

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