Sarit Hadad: Live In Heychal Hatarboot Tel-Aviv CD Track Listing

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Sarit Hadad Live In Heychal Hatarboot Tel-Aviv (1999)
Live in Tel-Aviv (2 CD)
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 43min 51sec.
Freedb: 7c0a4509
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  1. Sarit Hadad - Kmo Cinderela (Like Cinderella) (03:50)
  2. Sarit Hadad - HaYiti B'Gan Eden (I Was In The Garden of Eden) (06:07)
  3. Sarit Hadad - Lev Zehav & Hamoti (Golden Heart & Mother In-Law) (07:28)
  4. Sarit Hadad - Tiftef Hageshem (Dripping of the Rain) (04:06)
  5. Sarit Hadad - Yareyah Shahor (Black Moon) (03:49)
  6. Sarit Hadad - Hakol Sagur (Everything's Closed) (03:02)
  7. Sarit Hadad - Lama Halekhet Mimenu (02:56)
  8. Sarit Hadad - Bo Bo & Kashe biladekha (Without You) (07:54)
  9. Sarit Hadad - Shalom Chaver (Goodbye, Friend) (04:33)

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