John Oswald: Plexure CD Track Listing

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John Oswald Plexure (1993)
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 19min 50sec.
Freedb: 8604a20c
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  1. John Oswald - Open (Bo No Ma) (01:29)
    Bo No Ma
  2. John Oswald - Urge (Marianne Faith No Morissey) (01:48)
    Marianne Faith No Morrisey
  3. John Oswald - Manifold (Bing Stingspreen) (01:39)
    Bing Stingspreen
  4. John Oswald - Blur (Bolton Chili Overdire) (01:51)
    Bolton Chili Overdire
  5. John Oswald - Zoom (Sinead O'Connick Jr.) (01:22)
    Sinead O'Connick Jr.
  6. John Oswald - Cypher (Depeche Mould) (01:46)
    Depeche Mould
  7. John Oswald - Compact (R.E.M.T.V. Hammercamp) (01:42)
    R.E.M.T.V. Hammercamp
  8. John Oswald - Worse (Anthrax Squeeze Factory) (01:19)
    Anthrax Squeeze Factory
  9. John Oswald - Mad Mod (Jello Bellafonte) (01:29)
    Jello Bellafonte
  10. John Oswald - Temperature (Beastie Shop Beach) (01:49)
    Beastie Shop Beach
  11. John Oswald - Massive (Ozzie Osmond) (02:16)
    Ozzie Osmond
  12. John Oswald - Velocity (Aretha Vanilli) (01:11)
    Aretha Vanilli

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