Sopor Aeternus: The Inexperienced Spiral Traveler CD Track Listing

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Sopor Aeternus The Inexperienced Spiral Traveler (1997)
This misc cd contains 15 tracks and runs 72min 50sec.
Freedb: d211100f
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  1. Sopor Aeternus - Sylla' Boreal (embracing The Dead Prior To The Service) (05:07)
  2. Sopor Aeternus - Question(s) Beyond Terms (Who Is Confronting The Impossible) (05:46)
  3. Sopor Aeternus - C'Ayllagher A Dom' Brail (There Is No Need To Remind Me) (01:00)
  4. Sopor Aeternus - To A Loyal Friend (07:01)
  5. Sopor Aeternus - Never Trust The Obvious (or The Innocence Of Devils) (06:54)
  6. Sopor Aeternus - The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller (a Fragment) (05:10)
  7. Sopor Aeternus - Memalon (07:26)
  8. Sopor Aeternus - Memories Are Haunted Places (Birth- Fiendish Figuration Vers.) (05:44)
  9. Sopor Aeternus - Die Widerspenstigkeit Unerwunschter Gedanken (02:34)
  10. Sopor Aeternus - Synchronicity (To Saturn, Orion) (00:29)
  11. Sopor Aeternus - Totenlicht (Infant In The Face Of Time) (06:04)
  12. Sopor Aeternus - Ein Freundliches Wort... (Hat Meine Seele Beruhrt) (05:13)
  13. Sopor Aeternus - Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind (02:57)
  14. Sopor Aeternus - May I Kiss Your Wound? (05:49)
  15. Sopor Aeternus - Ein Gutiges Lacheln Auf Den Gesichtern Der Toten (05:26)

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