Various Artists: Four Six-Packs Of Polkas CD Track Listing

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Various Artists Four Six-Packs Of Polkas (7401)
Poilka Sharps\nJoe Jarosz Orchestra\nBuffalo Hi-Notes\nChicago Sound
This misc cd contains 24 tracks and runs 56min 40sec.
Freedb: 600d4618
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  1. Various Artists - Club 505 Polka (02:40)
    Poilka Sharps (J. Pietranczyk)
  2. Various Artists - One Two Polka (02:27)
    Poilka Sharps Polish Vocal: Jerry Pietranczyk
  3. Various Artists - My Darling Katie Oberek (02:11)
    Poilka Sharps (Arr. J. Pietranczyk)
  4. Various Artists - Chrome Dome Polka (02:14)
    Poilka Sharps (J. Pietranczyk)
  5. Various Artists - Lovely Mary waltz (02:39)
    Poilka Sharps (Arr. J. Pietranczyk)
  6. Various Artists - Flip Flop Polka (02:40)
    Poilka Sharps (J. Pietranczyk)
  7. Various Artists - Firefly Polka (01:40)
    Joe Jarosz Orchestra (Arr. J. Jarosz)
  8. Various Artists - In The Green Rye Polka (02:20)
    Joe Jarosz Orchestra (M.Data)
  9. Various Artists - Why Did I Waltz (02:01)
    Joe Jarosz Orchestra Vocal: Joe Jarosz
  10. Various Artists - Zsa Zsa Polka (01:57)
    Joe Jarosz Orchestra (P.D.)
  11. Various Artists - Tending The Geese Polka (02:30)
    Joe Jarosz Orchestra (M.Data)
  12. Various Artists - Mountaineer Polka (02:26)
    Joe Jarosz Orchestra (P.D.)
  13. Various Artists - Terry"s Polka (02:20)
    Buffalo Hi-Notes
  14. Various Artists - East Side Oberek (02:46)
    Buffalo Hi-Notes
  15. Various Artists - Annie's Polka (02:40)
    Buffalo Hi-Notes Polish Vocal: Richard Kurdziel
  16. Various Artists - Red Head Oberek (02:14)
    Buffalo Hi-Notes (W. Solek) Polish Vocal: Richard Kurdziel
  17. Various Artists - I Had A Wife (02:30)
    Buffalo Hi-Notes (M. Madura) Polish Vocal: Art Gospodarski
  18. Various Artists - Home Sweet Home (02:29)
    Buffalo Hi-Notes (W. Pokusa) Polish Vocal: Art Gospodarski
  19. Various Artists - Sunday Morning Polka (02:30)
    Chicago Sound (G. Nowak)
  20. Various Artists - Uptown Saturday Night (02:48)
    Chicago Sound (J. Poloko) Vocal: John Poloko
  21. Various Artists - Mix And Match Polka (02:00)
    Chicago Sound (G. Nowak)
  22. Various Artists - Up In The Mountain (01:54)
    Chicago Sound Vocal: John Poloko
  23. Various Artists - Green Horse Polka (02:14)
    Chicago Sound (G. Nowak - Z. Ziobro)
  24. Various Artists - Please Come Back (02:16)
    Chicago Sound (

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