Shira Kammen: Shira's Magnatune Promos CD Track Listing

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Shira Kammen Shira's Magnatune Promos (2004)
YEAR: 2004
This misc cd contains 16 tracks and runs 4min 37sec.
Freedb: 8f011310
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: Music



  1. Shira Kammen - You'll feel things you've never felt before (00:11)
  2. Shira Kammen - Avoid annoying advertisements by buying music (00:20)
  3. Shira Kammen - Best guess about what medieval music sounded like (00:12)
  4. Shira Kammen - Come to Magnatune where we daily battle the powers of evil (00:05)
  5. Shira Kammen - Do you find my voice annoying (00:11)
  6. Shira Kammen - Ever wonder what medieval music sounded like (00:08)
  7. Shira Kammen - I knew I'd found my home (00:15)
  8. Shira Kammen - I need a hearty crew to carry away the gold (00:18)
  9. Shira Kammen - If my music sounds interesting to you (00:14)
  10. Shira Kammen - If you'd like a medieval experience in your modern home (00:18)
  11. Shira Kammen - Join the SS Magnatune as we free the high seas (00:20)
  12. Shira Kammen - Now I'm the most popular girl in school (00:18)
  13. Shira Kammen - The annoying voice contest (00:35)
  14. Shira Kammen - They are the pirates who steal from the musicians (00:24)
  15. Shira Kammen - Tired of your puny little inane existence (00:29)
  16. Shira Kammen - We don't have any idea (00:10)

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