Various Artist: Mixx It - Old School Mix - OS-1 CD Track Listing

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Various Artist Mixx It - Old School Mix - OS-1 (1993)
Artist: VA CD#: 1C8FB0\nAlbum: Mixx It - Old School Mix - OS-1\n\nMix 1 25:30 257.52 Mb Copied OK, Checksum: 474148C8\n1. Intro\n2. Rumors - Timex Social Club\n3. Flashlight - Parliment\n4. Music Bridge\n5. D.M.S.R. - Prince\n6. Hungry For Your Love - Hanson & Davis\n7. In My System - The System\n8. I've Just Begun To Love You - Dynasty\n\n\nMix 2 24:24 246.33 Mb Copied OK, Checksum: D49B9C07\n1. Object Of My Desire - Starpoint\n2. Don Quichote - Magazine 60\n3. All Night Passion - Alicia\n4. Freak-A-Zoid - Midnight Star\n5. Candyman - Mary Jane Girls\n6. Fire In The Sky - Deadato\n
This misc cd contains 2 tracks and runs 49min 57sec.
Freedb: 0d0bb302
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: Music



  1. Various Artist - Mix 1 (25:30)
  2. Various Artist - Mix 2 (24:24)

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