Various: Eternal Voices (Trad.Vietnamese Music) 1/2 CD Track Listing

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Various Eternal Voices (Trad.Vietnamese Music) 1/2

This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 47min 27sec.
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  1. Various - Vong Nguyet (Watching the Moon) (03:54)
  2. Various - Xe Chi Luon Kim (Threading the needle) (02:09)
  3. Various - Ngam Kieu (Singing the tale of Kieu) (03:43)
  4. Various - Hoe Hue/Ly Con Sao (Boat Song of Hue/Song of the Blackbird) (03:57)
  5. Various - Nam Xuan:To Hue Chuc Cam Hoi Van (To Hue Embroiders Silk in Reply to her husband) (04:33)
  6. Various - Ly Qua Deo (Going through the Pass) (04:44)
  7. Various - Dao Ngu Cung: Hai Chuyen Xe Hoa(Two Wedding Cars) (02:33)
  8. Various - Ly Chieu Chieu (Song of the Evening) (01:51)
  9. Various - Truong Tuong Tu: Tuong Tu Da Khuc (Song of Lovesickness) (08:34)
  10. Various - Van Da(Ten Thousand Royal Chariots) (05:08)
  11. Various - Suong Chieu/Tu Anh (Evening Dew) (03:21)
  12. Various - Co Ban (Old Melody) (02:51)

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