Kenny G: Gravity CD Track Listing

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Kenny G Gravity (1985)
Arista Records, Inc
This jazz cd contains 9 tracks and runs 37min 34sec.
Freedb: 6208cc09


: Music



  1. Kenny G - Love on the Rise (04:18)
    (Words by Dietrich Coley, Words & Music by Wayne A Brathwaite) \nlead vocal, Kashif; sax solo, Kenny G
  2. Kenny G - One Man's Poison (Another Man's Sweetness) (04:06)
  3. Kenny G - Where Do We Take It (From Here) (04:37)
    (Roger Sause, Kashif)
  4. Kenny G - One Night Stand (04:01)
    (Kenny G, Stevie Bensusen, Joe Ericksen)
  5. Kenny G - Japan (05:04)
    (Kenny G, Randy Jackson)
  6. Kenny G - Sax Attack (05:02)
    (Kenny G)
  7. Kenny G - Virgin Island (03:14)
    (Kenny G)
  8. Kenny G - Gravity (04:23)
    (Kenny G)
  9. Kenny G - Last Night of the Year (02:42)
    (Kenny G, Peter Scherer)

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