Kip Hanrahan: Tenderness CD Track Listing

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Kip Hanrahan Tenderness (1990)
This jazz cd contains 16 tracks and runs 75min 31sec.
Freedb: f911b110


: Music



  1. Kip Hanrahan - "...Faith In The Pants, Not In The Prick..."(Vallejo's Folk Song); (05:38)
  2. Kip Hanrahan - "...When I Lose Myself In The Darkness And Pain Of Love, No, This Love..." (05:36)
  3. Kip Hanrahan - "...She Turned So That Maybe A Third Of Her Face Was In This Fuckin' Beautiful High-Light..."; (04:31)
  4. Kip Hanrahan - "...At The Same Time, As The Subway Train Was Pulling Out Of The Station..." (04:29)
  5. Kip Hanrahan - "...I Told Him 'I Don't Have To Be Beaten To Be Understood'..."; (06:01)
  6. Kip Hanrahan - "...Look, The Moon..."(Diahnne's); (05:05)
  7. Kip Hanrahan - "...Half Of Sex Is Fear..."; (06:26)
  8. Kip Hanrahan - Gillian's Folk Song; (03:47)
  9. Kip Hanrahan - History; (05:15)
  10. Kip Hanrahan - "...There Was Something About His Anger That Was So...inaccessable To Me..." (05:45)
  11. Kip Hanrahan - "...If I Knew How To, If Knew What Muscles To Relax..." (03:13)
  12. Kip Hanrahan - "...You're No Pimp, And I'm Certainly No Whore..."; (01:31)
  13. Kip Hanrahan - Deep Summer; (04:13)
  14. Kip Hanrahan - "...Look, The Moon..."(Carmen's) (05:44)
  15. Kip Hanrahan - In Place Of An Epilog: Lullabye For My Daughter; (03:04)
  16. Kip Hanrahan - In Place Of A Morale: Geography (05:04)

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