Zenit: The Sound Of Now! CD Track Listing

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Zenit The Sound Of Now! (2006)
This jazz cd contains 15 tracks and runs 67min 14sec.
Freedb: dc0fc00f


: Music



  1. Zenit - The Sound Of Now (So klingt des heut) (04:55)
  2. Zenit - Credit And Debit (Soll und Haben) (05:40)
  3. Zenit - Rising River (Der Kamp steigt) (05:27)
  4. Zenit - Fog In The Woods (Wald4tler Nebel) (06:14)
  5. Zenit - Funky Cops (04:12)
  6. Zenit - The Miserable (Der Mamlas) (04:19)
  7. Zenit - Hot Indian Spices Intro (Der Tag nach dem Inder) (00:58)
  8. Zenit - Hot Indian Spices (Mei gestern beim Inder war s wieder so scharf) (06:22)
  9. Zenit - The Inner Voice (Der innere Schweinehund) (04:06)
  10. Zenit - Making Of: Please Give Me Your Heart (Making of Beuschl mit Kn
  11. Zenit - Please Give Me Your Heart (Du gibst mir Beuschl mit Kn
  12. Zenit - Too Far Away From Home (Hamweh) (05:01)
  13. Zenit - Different Opinions (J
  14. Zenit - Between Day And Night ('s d
  15. Zenit - African Marketplace [Live/Bonus Track] (05:23)

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