Miles Davis: Miles at TV Performances (disc1) CD Track Listing

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Miles Davis Miles at TV Performances (disc1) (2006)
Assorted TV broadcasted performances
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 64min 36sec.
Freedb: 680f220a


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  1. Miles Davis - No Blues (09:14)
    Miles Davis\ttrumpet\nWayne Shorter\ttenor saxophone\nHerbie Hancock\tpiano\nRon Carter\tbass\nTony Williams\tdrums\n\nRecorded live at TV Studio, LA "Tonight Show" on September 10th, 1964
  2. Miles Davis - So Waht (07:49)
    Same personnel on track #1\n\nRecorded live at TV Studio, LA "Tonight Show" on September 11th, 1964
  3. Miles Davis - All Blues (08:19)
    Same as track #2
  4. Miles Davis - Turnaroundphrases (04:34)
    Miles Davis\ttrumpet, organ\nDave Liebman\tsoprano & tenor saxophone, flute\nPete Cosey\telectric guitar\nReggie Lucas\telectric guitar\nKhali Balakrishna\telectric sitar\nLonnie Liston Smith\tkyboards\nMichael Henderson\telectric bass\nAl Foster\t\tdrums
  5. Miles Davis - Zimbabwe (03:40)
    Same as track #4
  6. Miles Davis - Tune in 5 (03:32)
    Same as track #4
  7. Miles Davis - Jean Pierre (07:04)
    Miles Davis\ttrumpet, keyboards\nBill Evans\t\tsoprano saxophone, electric piano\nMike Stern\telectric guitar\nMarcus Miller\telectric bass\nAl Foster\t\tdrums\nMino Cinelu\tpercussion\n\nRecorded live at NBC-TV Studios, NY "Saturday Night Live" on Octobe
  8. Miles Davis - Speak (05:40)
    Miles Davis\ttrumpet, keyboards\nBill Evans\t\tsoprano saxophone\nJohn Scofield\telectric guitar\nMike Stern\telectric guitar\nTom Barney\telectric bass\nAl Foster\t\tdrums\nMino Cinelu\tpercussion\n\nRecorded live at Hollywood "Grammy Awards" on February
  9. Miles Davis - Full Nelson (05:05)
    Miles Davis\ttrumpet, keyboards\nBob Berg\t\tsoprano & tenor saxophone\nRobben Ford\telectric guitar\nRobert Irving III\tsynthesizer\nAdam Holzman\tsynthesizer\nFelton Crews\telectric bass\nVincent Wilburn\tdrums\nSteve Thornton\tpercussion\n\nRecorded li
  10. Miles Davis - Don't Lose Your Mind (09:30)
    Same as track #9

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