Evil Madness: Demon Jukebox CD Track Listing

A list by checkmate

Evil Madness Demon Jukebox
This jazz cd contains 13 tracks and runs 54min 45sec.
Freedb: c60cd30d


: Music



  1. Evil Madness - Grotesque Insideness (09:32)
  2. Evil Madness - Understanding the Monster (01:35)
  3. Evil Madness - Tremendously Sick Horro Art Poetry (A Fete in Dismumblement) (05:52)
  4. Evil Madness - A Bizarre Conceptual Element (01:06)
  5. Evil Madness - So Successfully Evil (04:51)
  6. Evil Madness - The Pornography of Hunger (02:52)
  7. Evil Madness - Confused Television Personality (05:32)
  8. Evil Madness - A Group of Women Chanting Together (Prosthete Horn Formulae) (00:49)
  9. Evil Madness - The Noise of Tank-Engines and Gongs Preamble to Camp Fukamok and the STD Gang Watcher Club (00:37)
  10. Evil Madness - A Sudden Moment of Private Demonic Psychodrama (02:50)
  11. Evil Madness - Horrific and Dreamlike Violence Mixed with Unexpected Activity (07:32)
  12. Evil Madness - Inspired by Long Hours of Continous Repetitive Deep Irritations and Uncontrollable Agony (03:53)
  13. Evil Madness - An Unfamiliar Plant (Wake to Find Hands Missing) (07:36)

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