Niels Lan Doky: Asian Sessions CD Track Listing

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Niels Lan Doky Asian Sessions
Niels Lan Doky : Acoustic Piano, Additional Instruments\nLars Danielsson : Acoustic Bass, Additional Instruments\nPaul Wertico : Drums & Cymbals\nJeff Boudreaux : Drums & Cymbals\nXavier Desandre-Navarre : Percussion\n\nVietnamese Guests :\nThanh Lam : Vocals\nNgyuen Quoc Trung : Keyboards\nNguyen Ngan Ha : Dan Tranh (Vietnamese Zither)\nPhan Nhut Dung: Dan Xen (Vietnamese Flute)\nLuong Ngoc Huynh : Dan Baur (Monochord) &Sao Truc (Bamboo Flute)\n\nChinese Guests :\nFeatured Soloists :\nSongFei : Erhu (Chinese Fiddle)\nWu Yuxia : Pipa (Chinese Mandolin)\nThe China National Traditional Orchestra\n\nAdditional Guests :\nCaecilie Norby : Background Vocals & Vocal Fills on "Sent from Heaven"\n\nStudios: Paris (Ferber), Hano


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  1. Niels Lan Doky - Sent from Heaven (06:46)
  2. Niels Lan Doky - Mot thoang tay ho (07:06)
  3. Niels Lan Doky - Across the Sky (04:47)
  4. Niels Lan Doky - Free at last (04:14)
  5. Niels Lan Doky - Dreaming with open Eyes (10:57)
  6. Niels Lan Doky - Against all Odds (04:06)
  7. Niels Lan Doky - Tidal Wave (07:45)
  8. Niels Lan Doky - Misty Dawn (04:02)
  9. Niels Lan Doky - Smiling Sea (08:01)

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