The Boulevard Big Band: "Live" at Harlings Upstairs CD Track Listing

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The Boulevard Big Band "Live" at Harlings Upstairs (2006)
This jazz cd contains 9 tracks and runs 57min 18sec.
Freedb: 7c0d6c09


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  1. The Boulevard Big Band - Peeve (05:44)
    Comp. and Arr. Dave Aaberg\nPete Christlieb: Tenor\nSteve Dekker: Trombone
  2. The Boulevard Big Band - Cheek to Cheek (07:40)
    Comp. Irving Berlin\nArr. by Hall Malia\nAlto: Hal Melia
  3. The Boulevard Big Band - My One and Only Love (07:24)
    Comp. by Guy Wood\nArr. by Chuck Tumlinson\nFlugelhorn: Fred Mullholland
  4. The Boulevard Big Band - Black Nile (06:42)
    Comp. by Wayne Shorter\nArr. by Paul McKee\nTenor: Pete Christlieb\nTombone: Paul McKee
  5. The Boulevard Big Band - The Meaning of the Blues (05:45)
    Comp. by Bobby Troupe\nArr. by Dan Gailey\nTenor: Pete Christlieb
  6. The Boulevard Big Band - If I Only Had A Brain (06:07)
    Comp. E.Y. Harburg\nArr. by Dave Aaberg\nFlugelhorn: Jay Sollenberger
  7. The Boulevard Big Band - Alone (04:33)
    Comp. by Lou Marini\nArr. by Bob Curnow\nTrombone: Steve Dekker
  8. The Boulevard Big Band - The Search for Peace (07:24)
    Comp. by McCoy Tyner\nArr. by Paul Roberts\nTenor: Pete Christlieb
  9. The Boulevard Big Band - It's Not About You (05:52)
    Comp. and Arr. by Chuck Tumlinson\nTrumpet: Dave Aaberg\nTenor: Pete Christlieb

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