Pete York: Pete York's New York/String Time in New York CD Track Listing

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Pete York Pete York's New York/String Time in New York (1983)
Digital aufgenommen im November 1983 im Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.\nCopyright by JETON GmbH, Stuttgart
This jazz cd contains 12 tracks and runs 57min 51sec.
Freedb: b30d8d0c


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  1. Pete York - Space Race (04:42)
    Billy Preston
  2. Pete York - Do Something About It (02:39)
  3. Pete York - It Ain't No Use - Another Star (08:29)
    Stevie Wonder
  4. Pete York - Fast And Loose (05:11)
    Mel Thorpe, Roger Munns
  5. Pete York - Another Song (03:54)
    Mel Thorpe, Roger Munns
  6. Pete York - Just Ain't Room (03:10)
    Mel Thorpe, Roger Munns
  7. Pete York - Wade In The Water (02:56)
    Jimmy Heath
  8. Pete York - New Years Day Celebration (05:06)
    Rick Sanders, Jiving Broth.
  9. Pete York - Something (04:25)
    G. Harrison
  10. Pete York - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (04:50)
  11. Pete York - Ebony Slide (02:36)
    Steve Richardson, Jiving Broth.
  12. Pete York - Mother Nature
    Lennon/Mc Cartney - Rick Sanders/Jiving Broth. - Fred T. Baker/Jiving Broth.

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