Francis Hime: Arquitetura da Flor CD Track Listing

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Francis Hime Arquitetura da Flor (2006)
This jazz cd contains 12 tracks and runs 45min 17sec.
Freedb: a00a9b0c


: Music



  1. Francis Hime - A Invencao da Rosa (04:12)
    Francis Hime/Geraldo Carneiro
  2. Francis Hime - Gozos da Alma (04:05)
    Francis Hime/Geraldo Carneiro
  3. Francis Hime - Sem Saudades (Part. Esp.: Z
    Francis Hime/Cartola
  4. Francis Hime - Palavras Cruzadas (03:56)
    Francis Hime/Toquinho
  5. Francis Hime - A Musa da TV (03:46)
    Francis Hime/Geraldo Carneiro
  6. Francis Hime - Desacalanto (04:00)
    Francis Hime/Ol
  7. Francis Hime - Do Amor Alheio (03:38)
    Francis Hime/Abel Silva
  8. Francis Hime - A Dor a Mais (03:53)
    Francis Hime/Vin
  9. Francis Hime - Mais-que-imperfeito (03:34)
    Francis Hime/Geraldo Carneiro
  10. Francis Hime - Cade (03:22)
    Francis Hime/Simone Guimar
  11. Francis Hime - Historia de Amor (Part.Esp.: Nina Becker (03:07)
    Francis Hime/Geraldo Carneiro
  12. Francis Hime - O Mar do Amor Total (03:35)
    Francis Hime/Geraldo Carneiro

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