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Doodoo Wah DOODOO WAH (1991)
Ballum Rancum Records in Columbia Georgia\n1991\n\nProduced by Doodoo Wah who are\nRon DeLacy and Dave Cavanagh\n\n10 tunes written by Ron DeLacy\n"Homegrown Tomatoes" by Guy Clark\n\nRecorded at Small D.O.G. Productions, Inc. in Sonora, Ca. and\nBludbird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee\n
This country cd contains 11 tracks and runs 29min 49sec.
Freedb: 9106fb0b


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  1. Doodoo Wah - Since My Baby Turned Gay (02:32)
  2. Doodoo Wah - Homegrown Tomaters (02:41)
  3. Doodoo Wah - B.A.R.F. Construction (02:39)
  4. Doodoo Wah - Doncha Bitch At Me (02:23)
  5. Doodoo Wah - Odor in the Court (02:45)
  6. Doodoo Wah - I Quit (01:47)
  7. Doodoo Wah - Birthday Every Day (02:36)
  8. Doodoo Wah - Proposition 103 (03:32)
  9. Doodoo Wah - Alimony (Sally Honey Keeps Me Thinking of You) (03:03)
  10. Doodoo Wah - Men's Crisis Center (03:03)
  11. Doodoo Wah - We're All Workin' for the Japanese (02:40)

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