Morris, Gary: Why Lady Why CD Track Listing

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Morris, Gary Why Lady Why
This country cd contains 10 tracks and runs 34min 32sec.
Freedb: 8d08160a


: Music



  1. Morris, Gary - The Love She Had In Me (03:35)
  2. Morris, Gary - I Can Feel The Fire Goin Out (03:29)
  3. Morris, Gary - Runaway Hearts (02:36)
  4. Morris, Gary - Why Lady Why (02:52)
  5. Morris, Gary - Velvet Chains (02:25)
  6. Morris, Gary - I'd Be The First To Fall In Love Again (03:27)
  7. Morris, Gary - The Wind Beneath My Wings (04:44)
  8. Morris, Gary - The Way I Love You Tonight (03:25)
  9. Morris, Gary - Again (03:20)
  10. Morris, Gary - Mama You Can't Give Me No Whippin (04:33)

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