The Veronika String Quartet: Sunrise on the Lake CD Track Listing

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The Veronika String Quartet Sunrise on the Lake
Quote from CD back cover:\n\nPerhaps no other experience inspires a more profound feeling of peace \nthan witnessing the gentle dawning of a new day over a quite, still lake.\nThe cover of darkness gracefully submits to the light, leaving behind a\nthin blanket of mist hanging motionless above the glass-smooth surface\nof the water.\n\nDelicately accented with the sounds of an awakening lakeside, these\nclassical melodies by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and other master \ncomposers performed by string quartet capture the beauty and serenity of\na soul-stirring sunrise on a quiet lake.
This classical cd contains 8 tracks and runs 58min 17sec.
Freedb: 5b0da708


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  1. The Veronika String Quartet - Beethoven / Lento Asai, Cantante e Tranquillo, F major (09:58)
    op. 135, no. 15
  2. The Veronika String Quartet - Rachmaninoff / Romance in G minor (06:43)
  3. The Veronika String Quartet - Beethoven / Andante Con Moto in D major (09:19)
    op. 18, no. 3
  4. The Veronika String Quartet - Schumann / Adagio in A minor (03:35)
    op. 41, no. 1
  5. The Veronika String Quartet - Borodin / Andante Con Moto in A major (03:49)
  6. The Veronika String Quartet - Mendelssohn / Menuetto in D major (07:46)
    op. 44, no. 1
  7. The Veronika String Quartet - Beethoven / Andante Con Moto in C major (10:09)
    op. 59, no. 3
  8. The Veronika String Quartet - Tchaikovsky / Andante Contabile in D major (06:53)
    op. 11, no. 1

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