The Musica Antiqua: Medieval and Renaissance (Minstrels, Songs and Dances) CD Track Listing

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The Musica Antiqua Medieval and Renaissance (Minstrels, Songs and Dances) (1994)
Played on the original instruments
This classical cd contains 10 tracks and runs 68min 21sec.
Freedb: 7a10030a


: Music



  1. The Musica Antiqua - Renaissance Song & Dance (10:38)
    Now Will the Sound of Singing Tell - J. Von Burck (1575);\nBransles de Champaigne - The Gervaise Collection of 1550;\nBasse Dance "La Scarpa my faict mal" (The ill-fitting shoe) - the Attaignnant Collection of 1530;\nThe Frog Galliard-Anon. (16th Century)
  2. The Musica Antiqua - Dance Suite - Erasmus Widmann - Collection of 1613 (04:41)
  3. The Musica Antiqua - Three English Songs for Voices & Instruments (06:27)
    Lully Lullaby (The Coventry Carol) - Anon. (15th Century);\nDiaphenia-Francis Pilkington 1605;\nNow I See Thy Looks Were Feigned - Thomas Forde 1607
  4. The Musica Antiqua - Instrumental Music of the Early Baroque (16:36)
    Two Aufzugs-Melchior Franck (1573-1639);\nSchreittanz (Spring Dance) Pual Peuerl (17th Century);\nLa Rossignol en Amour - Francis Couperin (1668-1735);\nSuite for Broken Consort - Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654)
  5. The Musica Antiqua - Festive Sounds (07:23)
    Trotto - English 14th Century\nAlle, psallite - Alleluyan - French 13th Century Motet\nAngelus ad Virginem - English 14th Century Carol\nThe Boys Carol - English 14th Century Carol
  6. The Musica Antiqua - Trouvere Tunes (02:59)
    Rondeau - Dieux D'Amours\nVirelair - E Dame Jolie
  7. The Musica Antiqua - The Cabinet Organ (04:59)
    Preambulum in Fa-Kotter (1485-1541)\nDer Zeuner Tantz-Neusiedler (1508-1563)\nJudentantz - Neusiedler (1508-1563)\nPreambulum in re - Kleber (1490-1556)\nPassamertzo d'Angleterre - Ammerbach (1530-1597)
  8. The Musica Antiqua - Lauda and Motet (06:29)
    Alla Trinta - 13th Century\nVenite a Laudare - 13th Century\nFactum Est - Dominus\nLetitur iustus
  9. The Musica Antiqua - Minstrel Melodies (02:59)
    Ach Reine Zart - Liederbuch\nDas Jaegerhorn - Liederbuch\nMinnelied "The Virtues of King Rudolph"
  10. The Musica Antiqua - Medieval Dances (05:01)
    Dance Tune - French circa 1300\nStantipes - English 13th Century\nEstampie - French

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