Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov: Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov CD1 (LYS349) CD Track Listing

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Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov CD1 (LYS349) (1948)
This classical cd contains 16 tracks and runs 76min 24sec.
Freedb: 0911e610


: Music



  1. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Prologue, Scene 1: Are Ye Turn'd To Marble Statues?... (06:35)
  2. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Declaration De Andrei Tchelkaloff Et Final (03:03)
  3. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Chor Des Pelerins: Foudroyez Le Mecreant, Couvrez D'Ombre La Russie... (03:54)
  4. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Scene 2: The Coronation: Long Live The Tsar Boris Fiodorovich!... (04:43)
  5. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Monologue De Boris Et Final: My Soul Is Sad! A Sense Of Dark Foreboding... (04:53)
  6. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Act I, Scene 1: Monologue De Pimene: One Page To Write Before My Tale Is Ended... (05:31)
  7. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Dialogue: One More The Dream!... (10:58)
  8. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Scene 2: The Hostess's Song: Once I Had A Duck, Striped With Black And Blue... (02:29)
  9. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Scene: Listen Good People, Freely Give Your Off'rings... (02:42)
  10. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Varlaam's Song: By The Forts Of Kazan... (02:21)
  11. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Final: Hey! Hast Thou Never Learnt How To Sing?... (12:30)
  12. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Act II: Hear Me Beloved, Tell Me Where Thou Bidest!... (02:33)
  13. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - The Song Of The Gnat: Midge To Woodland Once Did Go... (02:30)
  14. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Clapping Game: Listen To A Tale That Is True!... (01:26)
  15. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - How Now? Am I A Wolf To Frighten All Your Chicks? (04:02)
  16. Reizen,Nelepp,Maksakova,Mikhailov,Kozlovsky-Golovanov - Monologue: I Have Attained The Highest Power... (06:06)

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